I love their pizza!!!! Definitely addictive. The only thing I wish they had were sesame seeds on the crust. Aside from that, the pizza is GREAT!!!!

Deidre C.

New York, NY

I finally got a chance to check out Armando’s pizza and I now see why they have such good reviews. The customer service is fantastic, unlike any other pizza place that I’ve been to.

Rushanna L.

Orlando, FL

They have one of the best Pizza’s in Canarsie hands down and their attitude is very welcoming to actually consider wanting to probably sit down and eat whatever delicious entree or entree’s you have ordered.

Manii V.

Brooklyn, NY

This is always my place to go for delicious pizza. Having it delivered was a blessing. I always enjoyed it coming into New York, and I always recommend it to other relatives as the place to go. They all agree it is awesome!

Althea W.

Middletown, DE